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Firebugger is a new unique service that helps webmasters, designers, and programmers build their projects and check them online. Firebugger is a free service that can be developed with the use of all major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome.

Firebugger uses Firebug Lite technology in order to allow Internet Explorer to contain the same debugging capabilities as any other browser.

In addition, the Firebugger is an online debugger that helps you instantly locate any issues that may be present in JavaScript codes as well as finding a solution if there is a broken HTML layout. Instead of spending hours attempting to locate any coding problems, firebug lite service for IE can find the problem and allow you to fix the code with just a few clicks in a few seconds.

Finally, by taking advantage of the Firebugger online debugger add-ons, you can monitor any AJAX requests, DOM requests, and check your CSS code for errors allowing you to instantly fix them. Thus, the IE service allows you access to the only real free debugger service that offers comprehensive coverage.

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